Why Choose Ken RO Purifiers..

Technology has advanced.. Its time to change your water purifier! But why should you choose KEN RO™ Water Purifiers? 

  • Excellent support team offering reliable service and back up of all spares.
  • No hassles of carrying or waiting for bottled water from suppliers as you can produce what you need on demand.
  • Great savings and cost effective compared to buying bottled water.
  • Double purification by RO & UV gives complete protection from bacteria and viruses.
  • RO separation process removes dissolved impurities like heavy metals, rust, fluoride, chlorine, salts and chemicals.
  • The innovative TDS controller and the patented Mineral RO technology retains essential natural minerals in the purified water.
  • Secondary purification by UV or UF after RO ensures enhanced water quality through out service cycles.
  • UV and Filter Alarms Monitor filter/UV replacement thus helps maintain the optimum filtration, purity and water quality at all times.
  • Also reduces delivery personnel in your home and office thus enhancing security and authorization paper work.
  • Is suitable for purifying all types of sources of water; bore-wells, overhead storage tanks, water tankers or municipal supply lines, and is engineered to give you pure and safe bottled drinking water.