6 Stage Purification Process

KEN RO 100% purified water:
KEN RO water purifier employs 6 stages of water purification, including a 5th stage for polishing of taste, and re-introduction of essential minerals, making it the healthiest of pure, 100% RO water.

The 6 stages perform the following functions during the water purification process:

Stage No.1: Scale Remover:
Reduces scaling inside and prolongs life of membrane and other components.

Stage No.2: Foam Filter:
Removes undissolved solid particles from inlet water, while extending the effective lifetime of RO membrane and other filters.

Stage No.3: Nano Silver Treated Activated Carbon Filter:
Reduces foul taste, bad odour, color, harmful dissolved gases, traces of oil, and residual chlorine, extending the life of the RO filter membrane, and Nano Silver to prevent bacterial growth in treated water.

Stage No.4: RO Membrane Filter:
Manufactured by DOW Chemicals in the USA, FILMTEC RO membranes are of the highest quality in the water filtration industry. Reverse osmosis is a process using a membrane, similar to the lining of organs in your body, which allow water to flow the membrane but restrict larger molecules from passing through. Removes virus, bacteria, harmful chemicals, fertilizers, detergents and other harmful dissolved salts which are invisible to the naked eye such as arsenic, cyanide, lead, metallic ions, ammonia, urea, etc.

Stage No.5: Post Carbon & Mineral Cartridge:
Water first passes through granular activated carbon which removes remaining traces of impurities, while improving taste and then through healthy mineral crystals which re-introduce pH balanced calcium and magnesium into the water, thus making it a healthy and tasty nature-like water. Note: 100% pure water lacks tastes and has a bland flavour. Beside the addition of essential minerals this step enhances the taste of water.

Stage No.6: Ultra Violet Chamber:
UV Rays are high energy, short wavelength rays which are invisible to the human eye. They are able to penetrate bacteria or micro – organisms where they alter the DNA, making them unable to reproduce, thereby rendering them harmless.

While bacteria is removed by the RO Membrane, any bacteria which could possibly be generated in the water storage tank are sterilized by the UV lamp just before the pure water leaves the faucet for you and your family’s consumption

General Purification Methods

The following table shows purification methods by different filtration options:

Filtration OptionsInsoluble ImpuritiesSoluble ImpuritiesBiological Impurities
BoilingDoes not RemoveDoes not RemoveRemoves
ChlorinationDoes not RemoveDoes not RemoveRemoves Partially
Carbon FiltrationDoes not Remove (Removes foul smell & taste)Does not Remove (Removes foul smell & taste)Does not Remove (Removes foul smell & taste)
OzonationDoes not RemoveDoes not RemoveRemoves
Resin FiltrationDoes not RemoveDoes not RemoveRemoves Partially
Filtration (Candle)RemovesDoes not RemoveDoes not Remove
UV SystemsDoes not RemoveDoes not RemoveRemoves
Reverse OsmosisRemovesRemovesRemoves