Superior Purifiers (T/A Superior Printers Ltd.), is a Mombasa based company that specialises in providing water purfication solutions.

Under our registered trade brand - KEN RO™ Superior Purifiers provide water purification products that are truly superior and of the highest quality. Indeed our products have been tried and tested and found to be the best stadrads available in the market.

We have great solutions to unsafe drinking water via our new computer controlled "5 stage water purifier" which can purify any source of water, be it from tap or borehole, to bottled quality drinking water in your home or office.

We also deal in Commercial RO Plants ranging from 6,000 to 46,000 Litres per day as well as Water Softeners.

Our Company Objectives are;

  • To improve quality of life by providing latest water purifying technology at customer's door step.

  • Provide solutions to purify tap or even hard ground well water to bottled quality water.

For a full demonstration of our products please feel free to contact us.